Please Note: - This listing is for 1 Chainmail Coif only. Any other item is not with this listing. It could be use for SCA or  Re-enactment or LARP



Mild Steel

Ring Inner Diameter

10 mm

Ring Type

Flat Riveted Only

Standard Size

Standard Size fits all most all adult


Oil Finish


Aprox 2.00 kg or 4.4 lbs




As per Mention

 Hood Length

20 inches

Chainmail is one of the oldest and most prolific armors seen during history; it saw widespread use throughout not only medieval Europe but in dozens of different cultures. Chainmail is a flexible armor which was made from interlinked metal rings. The wearing of chainmail has been an effective means of protection in combat and war of countries.

This Mail Coif provides the predominant style of construction during the Chainmail era.

This design Chainmail coif has a open section to give you great visibility and drapes over the entire neck onto the shoulders. The Chainmail coif cover neck, sides, back and front of the wearers head.

Note: Model & Gambeson sold separately.

MS Flat Riveted Oil Finish 10 mm Chain Mail Medieval Coif /Hood

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