Hand carved from a solid horn. This Medieval mug holds water, wine, beer, ale, or other drink. The exterior is polished to a shiny surface. This mug is a beautiful display item, but is fully functional. The base is flat and carved to sit evenly on a flat surface. It is made using traditional methods and makes an excellent re-enactment piece. Please clean before use. Wipe with vegetable oil to maintain the smooth surface.

*Please wash with a gentle detergent and polish with vegetable oil to keep it from drying out. And from time to time you will want to use beeswax to coat the inside to keep from cracking and the inside drying out.


Overall Length: 5 to 6 Inches

Circumference of Rim: About 10.2 Inches

Estimated Capacity: 4-8 oz

100% Natural Buffalo Horn

Please Note: Coaster Set is not included.

Medieval Renaissance Buffalo Viking Celebration Dining Hall Drinking Horn Mug

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