headgear steeped in history , handcrafted in 100% wool felt in India . This hat is a bircone , which was originally designed for equestrian purposes. It was the form of hat that replaced the tricorn for convenience in the 1770s ; and will itself be replaced later by the top hat . Its origin is often associated with Napoleon 1st but it finds its origin a little earlier during the revolutionary period .

Bicorne 1st Empire black wool felt - Traclet

It is from the French Revolution , that the army will adopt this headgear, with the cockade and the yellow braid . Indeed, the French infantry will substitute the tricorn for this form which has the significant advantage of facilitating the handling of the weapon . The hat is made of 100% wool felt and has on its left side a sewn strap attached by the red and black cockade . 

The appearance of the hat and its wearing vary according to time and fashion. However, it seems that the soldier generally puts it "  in battle  ", that is to say across, unlike the officers who carry it in column . The cocked hat will be abandoned in the army in 1806 and replaced by the shako or the hairy cap.  Only the staff, the administration, the generals, the marshals and the officers who are not on duty continue to wear it.

A magnificent cocked hat made by hand in Germany, which takes up the codes and traditions of the time, for a real return to the past! 

About the 1st Empire cocked hat black wool felt 

  • Height: 20cm 
  • Width: 46cm 
  • 100% wool felt 
  • Color black 
  • Handcrafted in Germany

Bicorne 1st Empire black wool felt - Traclet

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